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Are Ecommerce Stockouts Impacting Your Online Shopping Experience?

Don’t drive customers away by displaying row after row of stockouts. Keep your shoppers engaged while you replenish your inventory.

Ecommerce stockouts are becoming far more common on online stores thanks to COVID-19. Many retailers are currently finding themselves in a difficult position between customers who want to buy, and suppliers who can’t supply. Even if the demand is there, the products are not.

While there is little you can do to expedite the restocking process, there are other factors that you can control. This ebook will walk you through tactics for placating frustrated customers, driving sales of the products you do have in stock, and preparing your site to react as soon as in-demand inventory becomes available.

Don’t drive customers away by displaying row after row of stockouts. Clever merchandising and rule-based automation can keep shoppers engaged while you replenish your inventory.

Learn how to adapt to ecommerce stockouts by:

  • Demoting products and displaying availability levels
  • Offering restock notifications and pre-order options
  • Cross and upselling similar or related products
  • Communicating the status of brick-and-mortar operations


4 tactics to deal with stockouts

Uncontrollable delays in fulfillment can result in persistently low stock levels, and are frustrating for both the retailer and customer. There is no easy solution to resolve inventory issues, but there are steps you can take to make the most of a difficult situation.

Instead of dwelling on the products that you don’t have in stock, take some time to assess the items that are available. Is it possible to boost, cross sell or upsell alternatives? Could you offer pre-orders or restock notifications? Whatever approach you take, ensure you are communicating clearly with your customers, and setting realistic expectations for availability and delivery timelines.

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