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Level up Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ecommerce Strategy

Effortlessly convert motivated searchers, undecided browsers, and die-hard bargain-hunters with these 12 Black Friday & Cyber Monday ecommerce tactics

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A record-breaking Black Friday & Cyber Monday ecommerce weekend is fast approaching. 

In a crowded landscape. During the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Give customers a compelling reason to shop with you instead of your competitors.

To stand out, your store must cater to three very different types of shoppers: motivated searchers, overwhelmed browsers, and those Black Friday & Cyber Monday ecommerce bargain-hunters. Each has different needs. You need a shopping experience that converts all three.

This ebook outlines 12 ideas you should be copying in your Black Friday & Cyber Monday ecommerce strategy, with real examples from retailers who are already getting it right. Learn how to deliver:

  • Search that ticks all the boxes for purchase-ready customers
  • Navigation that delights overwhelmed browsers
  • Merchandising that converts serious bargain-hunters

How to Optimize Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ecommerce Strategy 

Black Friday shopping has changed. The crowds, lines around the block, and stampedes as doors open – these are all scenes that most will happily resign to the history books. But, that’s not to say the traditional spending spree is going anywhere. The same shoppers are simply flocking to ecommerce instead. 

This guide breaks down the three different types of Black Friday & Cyber Monday ecommerce shoppers, and how you can captivate them with a buying journey that’s effortless to navigate, personalized to their preferences, and fueled by insights. 

Take the guesswork and manual intervention out of your Black Friday & Cyber Monday ecommerce strategy with Searchspring’s site search, navigation, merchandising, and recommendations solutions. Our Customer Success team already works with sites just like yours, and knows exactly what your shoppers need. Request a demo to see it in action on your store.