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how category navigation affects shopping

How Category Navigation Affects Ecommerce Shopping

Each shopper visiting your website has individual needs. Often, pre-defined product categories don’t allow for consumers to create their own… Read more »

ecommerce site search in real life by google

Ecommerce Site Search in Real Life by Google Analytics

Here’s a hilarious example of how default ecommerce site search works without advanced solutions like SearchSpring. Customers get frustrated with… Read more »

category navigation search within a facet

Category Navigation: Search within a Facet

SearchSpring has released a new facet display aimed at optimizing the functionality for elongated facet options. When a client’s site… Read more »

SearchSprings Cyber Monday Review

SearchSprings Cyber Monday Review

The results are in! SearchSpring clients were able to drive more conversions then the industry average. To help conceptualize the… Read more »

benefits of image based navigation

Benefits of Image Based Navigation

In today’s market, online retailers work rigorously to manage various aspects of an online storefront to include inventory, pricing, merchandizing,… Read more »

add seasonal look to site search

Add a Seasonal Look to Site Search Results Using Banners

One of the most overlooked features SearchSpring offers every client is our merchandising application. Within this feature clients can display… Read more »

Transform site search data into SEO gold

Transform Site Search Data into SEO Gold

Upgrading eCommerce site search and site navigation embodies the capabilities to improve more than just conversion rates and average order… Read more »

The Importance of Flexibility and Control for eCommerce Site Search

The Importance of Flexibility and Control for eCommerce Site Search

Online retailers routinely change website content and features as new trends, best practices or insights from analytics emerge. As ecommercesite… Read more »

powering sales and influencing customers

Advanced Site Search: Powering Sales and Influencing Customers

By now we have all heard about advanced site search, this technology is nothing new and most ecommerce sites have… Read more »

faceted navigation converts higher

Faceted Navigation Converts Higher

The results are in: The giants of the E-Commerce industry:,,,, (You name it), have all proven… Read more »

Engagement is more important than ever for seo

Engagement is More Important Than Ever for SEO

Google’s latest algorithm update highlights the importance of engaging users with a customer-friendly shopping experience. By analyzing page quality indicators… Read more »

Is Your Ecommerce Site Search Intelligent

Is Your Ecommerce Site Search Intelligent?

Is Your Ecommerce Site Search Engine Intelligent? Does it automatically leverage shopper behavior to capture more conversions? An intelligent ecommerce… Read more »

how to increase conversions with site search

How To Increase Conversions with Site Search

Many shoppers begin their online shopping session by typing into a site’s search box. The results they experience affect as… Read more »