Driving A Relevant Experience Across Desktop, Mobile & In-App

30% Increase In Revenue, 10% Increase in Conversions, 30% Decrease In Bounce Rates


About theChive

theCHIVE is a multi-million dollar lifestyle brand targeted at the millennial demographic. The average Chiver, as fans call themselves, is 28, college-educated, makes $60,000 a year, and likes to drink beer. Seventy-three percent of their audience are men.


theCHIVE expanded their brand to include an eCommerce site with The Chivery in 2011. Continuing with their witty sense of humor, The Chivery caters to the fast-paced nature of the internet with clever, topical, current, and comfortable t-shirts and other apparel along with an assortment of other small items.


The Problem

The Chivery has been working with SearchSpring on their desktop and dedicated mobile site for more than two years. After seeing tremendous improvement in relevancy and customer engagement across search and navigation on both sites, The Chivery’s executive team wanted to create a dedicated experience for their audience and started by analyzing their customer base to better understand how and when they were interacting with the brand. This led them to understand that customers were shopping from desktop and mobile, but also wanted a deeper experience with the brand when they were on the go.

“Last year, we set internal goals to expand the reach of The Chivery. As a media and commerce company, the shopping experience is very important to us and to our fans. We wanted to make sure that our sites and mobile apps delivered the same great shopping experience. Since we’ve had such great success with SearchSpring, we trusted them to expand and bring their relevancy to our new mobile app.” – Zachary Lee – Senior Director of The Chivery

Catering to the needs of such a large and diverse audience of modern buyers is very complicated. The behaviors of users change depending on their context. Desktop users are typically the ones that are most ready to buy, but they’re also limited by their device. Mobile shoppers can take their browsing and buying experience anywhere, but they are sometimes impeded by slow data speeds, battery life, and are often distracted by their surroundings and incoming notifications. App users are even more unique, often seeking a highly intuitive and fast UX. These users also count on a continuity that will allow them to shop on a cross-device basis, perhaps beginning their shopping on one device, and completing it on another. At the same time, all of these users share the common needs of speed and relevancy.

The Solution

The Chivery recently integrated the Relevancy API in their brand new iPhone app due to its flexibility and ease of integration with iOS. The API made it simple to integrate the same relevancy algorithm that had delivered results on their desktop and mobile sites into The Chivery’s mobile app.

TheChive App

The API was used to power site search, autocomplete and their category pages in the app. Using the Relevancy API ensured The Chivery could deliver the speed, relevant results and seamless UI/UX that are paramount in the mobile experience.

The Results

With the help of SearchSpring’s Relevancy Platform, The Chivery saw improvements across all major engagement metrics in the past year. Mobile search conversions increased by more than 10%, while bounce rates decreased dramatically even as their business has grown by 30% in that same time period.

TheChive Results

“SearchSpring has been a great partner of ours for years and has helped us scale our business. The Relevancy Platform has allowed us to create engaging and unique experiences that match our brand voice and goals. They have also helped us maintain consistently high conversion rates and engagement metrics over the years, and have saved us countless hours of manual work.” – Zachary Lee – Senior Director of The Chivery