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Pair of Thieves

With Searchspring, Pair of Thieves ensures their online shoppers find exactly what they are looking for on their website.

“Searchspring provides a great way to merchandise products and gives full automation to the merchant, getting the right products in front of the right customers at the right time. Searchspring also gives the brand the ability to launch sales, promote relevant content, and much more which ultimately drives more conversions.”

David Stober, Chief Operating Officer, Ambaum

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Founded in 2014, Pair of Thieves is anything but your average socks and underwear brand. Born from three close friends frustrated with bad socks, Pair of Thieves set out to build a collection that lived in the elusive intersection of style, performance, and value.

On a mission to make their products and customers “Ready for Everything”, Pair of Thieves is creating top-notch everyday basics built for versatility. From work to workout, to night out, to lights out, they ensure comfort every step of the way. 

Eight years later, the brand has expanded its offerings, now producing socks, underwear, t-shirts, and lounge apparel for men.



Ambaum is a full-service digital agency, providing ecommerce solutions for Shopify Plus merchants. They specialize in web design & development, platform migrations, digital strategy consulting, custom app creation, and ongoing support.

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Looking to fix performance issues on the site, Pair of Thieves teamed up with Ambaum in the summer of 2019. In order to improve overall site speed, Ambaum began a complete theme rebuild on Shopify Plus with an eye toward efficiency and performance.

After making some edits to ensure things like color swatches were loading more efficiently, Ambaum recognized a need to improve the search and faceted navigation on the Pair of Thieves site. 

Because of the wide range of styles, color variants, and sizes in the product line, offering advanced filter options would enable shoppers to quickly find the items they were looking for. The latest arrivals, best sellers, and in-stock items also needed to be easier for shoppers to find.

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“We recommended Searchspring initially because of their inline promo banners and the marketing capabilities they provided in both search and filtering on the collection pages,” says David, Chief Operating Officer at Ambaum. “But the enhancement to search results, and global boost rules to make merchandising the site even easier, are also key in creating a great shopper experience. With Searchspring, getting the right products to show up in the right places on their site is no longer a tedious task for the Pair of Thieves team.”

Boost rules are applied to automatically promote in-stock and newly released products to the top of the search results page and collection pages, streamlining their internal process. Pair of Thieves also utilizes Searchspring’s inline banners to highlight promotions, showcase customer feedback, and share relevant content as shoppers scroll. 

With Searchspring’s robust reporting and insights, Pair of Thieves is able to leverage the data, creating synonyms and redirects to ensure that shoppers find exactly what they want. Whether a shopper searches for “boxers”, boxer”, or “boxer shorts”, they’ll be directed to the same search results making it a seamless online experience. 

Searchspring’s advanced filtering and sorting capabilities mean less time scrolling through results that don’t match shoppers’ needs. From “product type” to “size”, and “fabric”, shoppers can drill down their search results to quickly find the items they’re looking to purchase.

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In 2021, Pair of Thieves experienced 3.5 times higher conversion rates from shoppers who used site search. They also found that shoppers who used site search spent 3.7 times more than shoppers who didn’t use search.


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