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Nourished Life

Nourishing Customer Demand for Natural Products and Outstanding Online Shopping Experiences

“I can’t even imagine how I would do everything without Searchspring. It’s really cut down the time needed to manage merchandising and makes it easy to put the right products in front of our customers - and help them discover the best items for their needs.”

Nicole Thomas, Ecommerce & Digital Specialist, Nourished Life

nourished life cosmetics on pink background


When Nourished Life began operating in 2011, natural products weren’t so easy to find. However, the company had just the remedy for what consumers were demanding – natural makeup, organic skincare, and healthy living products that are strictly chemical-free.

Nicole Thomas, Ecommerce & Digital Specialist at Nourished Life, explains, “Our mantra is that we check every label, so you don’t have to. All products we stock are vetted to ensure there are no chemicals, they’re all-natural, and there’s absolutely no animal testing done.”

The company is a glistening example of stocking natural, non-toxic, and socially-conscious products to enhance every customer’s quality of life. And thanks to these principles, Nourished Life has seen impressive growth.

nourished life products laying flat on a table. Items include vitamins, cleanser, face serum, moisturizer, and balm


It’s no small task to satisfy the growing demand for natural products. Nourished Life carries 300+ brands and 6,000+ SKUs, presenting a taxing job for merchandisers in making products easy to find while organising and optimising the extensive online range.

Digital content to educate and explain the benefits of natural health and beauty products was also increasingly important. The Nourished Life team had spent considerable time building helpful content, though it was not searchable and had become buried on the site’s blog page.

Additionally, common misspellings created a common problem of zero results pages being shown, leaving customers at a dead end. There were no redirections to help customers find their intended items, as search term variations were not being picked up.

“We had a lot of zero results from misspellings. You wouldn’t even believe how many versions of ‘deodorant’ I’ve seen. On top of this, customers kept seeing the same products over and over again because our old system would only return the specific items searched. There was no way to discover new items, and we knew there were a lot of missed opportunities,” says Nicole.

Shoppers’ onsite searches were returning results based only on explicit queries, with no understanding of related or complementary products. As a result, new product lines that merchandisers wanted customers to see weren’t being discovered.

Search filters were also complex, giving shoppers too many options for a fast and efficient path to purchase. It was clear the online experience needed nourishment to nurture future growth.

“In my experience, Searchspring’s platform has been easy to use. It’s so easy to get new starters using the system. They pick it up quickly and own it. The Searchspring team is also responsive and very attentive. There’s always a solution to every question, which gives us confidence in Searchspring as a technology partner.”

– Nicole Thomas, Ecommerce & Digital Specialist, Nourished Life

nourished life cosmetics on pink background; includes makeup brushes in a clear cup, eye shadow palette, face powder, nail polish, lip gloss, foundation, lip liner, and bronzer and blush duo. Sitting amongst the cosmetics are white flowers in white vases.


Nourished Life implemented Searchspring to improve the online shopping experience and help customers find their perfect products faster. Searchspring immediately enhanced the search experience and turned zeros into heroes. Advanced reporting, synonyms, and spell correction algorithms have helped Nourished Life identify frequently-used search terms and direct shoppers to the most relevant products.

Product discovery is also now an integral part of the online shopping journey. Streamlined filtering options have been added, which align with shopper priorities, such as vegan, cruelty-free, and organic-certified products, helping them find what they need faster. Boost rules also allow merchandisers to automatically prioritise products in search results to promote new, promotional, or preferred items.

Notably, the merchandising team is saving significant time with Searchspring’s Landing Pages feature. Previously, development resources were needed to set up custom pages, such as Click Frenzy or Black Friday campaigns. Now, the team has a fast and intuitive way to launch landing pages – with no coding skills required. Bulk imports of product SKUs expedite the process, while scheduling options allow the team to ‘set and forget’. Page banners are also used to assure shoppers they’re in the right place and ready to shop the campaign.

Nicole explains, “Setting up campaign landing pages has become a real time-saver for us. I can upload all my SKUs and add banners in literally 2 minutes. I don’t need to wait for developers anymore; I can just set up my pages and take them live without any hassle.”

“Searchspring’s algorithms have turned misspellings into meaningful results, and we’re also using boost rules to lift product exposure. Our customers now see products we want them to see, including our new product lines, and more relevant results. On top of this, we now also have more relevant, searchable content that helps to educate and inform our shoppers. A lot of the challenges we originally had became quick wins when we implemented Searchspring.”

– Nicole Thomas, Ecommerce & Digital Specialist, Nourished Life

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Since going live with Searchspring, Nourished Life has seen 60% of revenue generated from search and a 13% increase in average order value. Shoppers using search are converting 6.1x higher than those without search, and revenue per visit is a massive 6.9x greater.

Shoppers are seeing the most relevant products and engaging in new product discovery while merchandising is enjoying impressive efficiency gains.

Additionally, Nicole has explored the A/B test functions in Searchspring to prove assumptions and gain deeper insights into shopper behaviours. These tests have created an entirely new section on the website dedicated to clearance items. Previously, discontinued items weren’t being clearly identified. Aided by advanced filters, the new clearance section helps price-conscious shoppers find what they need faster and easier than ever, with product badges also highlighting discounted items throughout the site.

Nicole has also implemented online quizzes encouraging shoppers to discover new products in exchange for discounts. Shoppers enjoy a more engaging online experience, and inline banners drive visibility and awareness of quizzes and promotions across the site.

Nourished Life has remedied its customers’ need for an outstanding online experience, and is now placing the right products in front of the right shoppers, every time.

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