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Cabin Place

30% of Cabin Place's online revenue is attributed to the 8% of shoppers who use site search.

“Getting new and relevant products in front of our customers, and giving them algorithmic results and recommendations is a giant step up from where we were before Searchspring.”

Andrew, VP of Ecommerce, Cabin Place

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Founded in 1999, Cabin Place is one of the longest-running cabin decor online retailers in the U.S. The store is best known for its rustic style, niche products, and customer-centric approach. 

“We place a lot of emphasis on providing a personal touch,” says Andrew, VP of Ecommerce at Cabin Place. “We know our products really well, so when someone calls and asks whether they should buy a hickory or a cedar bed, we can get them the right answers for their individual home.”

“We’re also one of the largest providers of reproduction antler lighting and faux antler chandeliers. We know them like the back of our hand. If you tell us how big your room is, how high your ceilings are, and what size your dining table is, we’re going to find you something that looks really good in that space,” says Andrew.

Searchspring case study Cabin Place


“We have two very different customers, and our site needs to cater to both,” says Andrew. “We have one customer who typically browses for a couple of smaller products for their cabin, like kitchen towels and accessories. Our other customer is someone who might be building a cabin or second home from scratch – that person comes to the site with a list that could include six bunk beds, a dining room table, and an antler light.”

After struggling to accommodate these different shopping behaviors with the level of control offered by their native platform, the Cabin Place team began looking for a solution that would allow them to dynamically optimize the shopping experience based on rules. 

“We wanted to modify our Product Listing Pages to show products in a certain order. The way our site was natively set up, any new products we added would go straight to the bottom of a category. We couldn’t get enough eyeballs on new products to figure out if customers were interested in them or not,” says Andrew.

While rearranging product display was possible, it was a labor-intensive process for the team. “Finding a recently added product and moving it up the page was incredibly manual. We had to use spreadsheets and assign numbers to products to determine where they should go. Of course, this meant it was all completely static. If the product placed in the number one position didn’t sell, it would stay there unless we manually moved it down the page again.”

Searchspring home decor case study


Cabin Place now uses Searchspring to dynamically arrange products on category pages. As well as having full control over the positioning of new products, Andrew also takes advantage of global boost rules to promote products based on the number of units sold and the total revenue for the product. “Manually sorting our categories was painful, to say the least. Now, I know it’s being done a lot better than I could have done it manually, and I don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it.”

The team continues to optimize their merchandising strategy based on the platform’s insights. “We use the reporting tools to identify which categories are viewed the most, and which products are most popular in those categories. We then set up boost rules for those pages accordingly, so we’re not spending hours on a category page that only gets a few views. We’re focusing our energy where it matters most.” 

Filtering category pages has also been made easier for shoppers with the addition of navigation features. “Even just turning on the basic filters with Searchspring was a much better experience than we had previously. Colors, fabrics, and price are all popular filters with our customers. A lot of our shoppers like to go straight to our clearance products, so giving them that filter means they can narrow down results straight away.” 

Having used Searchspring’s Recommendations+ until now, Cabin Place has plans to implement Personalized Recommendations soon. “Recommendations add something to our site that we didn’t have before. We used to have hard-coded recommendations on our out-of-stock product pages but the recommendations from Searchspring are just smarter.”

Ecommerce case study Cabin Place


“Getting new and relevant products in front of our customers, and giving them algorithmic results and recommendations is a giant step up from where we were before Searchspring. I also loved that I was completely hands-off throughout the implementation process. After some short training on the backend, we were ready to go. It’s super simple to use,” says Andrew. 

In 2020, 8% of Cabin Place shoppers used search. That 8%:

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