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BTOsports' conversion rate increased 15% in just three weeks of using Searchspring.

“The immediate visibility and access to our most heavily sought after products made our customers very happy”

Vince Aramitsu, President, BTOsports

the problem with powersports and ecommerce


Powersports is historically a retail category that offers a wide variety of products and SKUs, which present challenges in creating a front-end user experience that can account for a variety of make/model/year combinations as well as rider types.

BTO came to Searchspring back in 2008, looking for additional ways to optimize their ecommerce performance.

“We listened to BTO’s needs and created a solution that leveraged all of the solutions we offer to improve site usability, the customer experience and conversion. It was a great way to improve visibility for their most sought after products.” – Scott Zielinski, Co-Founder of Searchspring

BTOsports searchspring solving problems onsite


With over four of Searchspring’s products already being used onsite for the product finder was an immediate fit into the content layout, providing users immediate access to the most popular bike parts available. The above-the-fold placement in the design ensured all website visitors had the opportunity to use the tool for their shopping experience. “Within a few weeks the results were clear,” said Arimitsu. “The immediate visibility and access to our most heavily sought after products made our customers very happy.”

“Searchspring has been a trusted partner for BTOSports since 2008. They’ve consistently delivered positive results and the recent addition of their product finder to our website didn’t disappoint. We didn’t think we were ‘wow-able’ after years of working with Searchspring, but they did it again.” – Vince Aramitsu, President of

BTOsports saw a significant lift


Within three weeks, saw a significant lift in website purchases over the previous year.

“We saw our conversions rise almost 16%,” said Mike Giordano, Director of Marketing and Ecommerce Development, “The product finder addition is really helping us get the right products in front of our customers, quickly.”

The product finder also had success in increasing the page views per visit and decreasing the bounce rate across the website.

“When all three increases are looked at holistically, there’s a clear indication that users are finding and purchasing what they’re looking for easier than before the integration. We’re really excited to see our customers succeed, especially when we’re the ones helping that success.” – Scott Zielinski, Co-Founder of Searchspring

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