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Alicia Adams Alpaca

Shoppers who use site search spend 4x more per visit on Alicia Adams Alpaca.

“Searchspring not only enables me to provide the level of service I’m passionate about, but it also equips my team with the quality technology they need to really perform... If you’re looking for a serious growth solution, you really should make the investment in Searchspring.”

Michael McBride, CEO & Founder of Atelier Commerce

alicia adams alpaca ecommerce success story


Alicia Adams Alpaca is a family business that specializes in high-end clothing and home textiles fashioned from the brand’s exclusive alpaca wool. A natural and sustainable material, the wool is primarily sourced from the family’s own herd of over 200 suri alpacas at their farm in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Alicia first moved to the U.S. from Germany in 2006, and embarked on creating the brand while her husband, Daniel, built the breeding side of the business. With a background in fashion PR, Alicia adds an urban edge to her classic designs, and the products have a cult-like following thanks to their luxurious, high-end niche. 

“Alicia and Daniel have a really great product,” says Michael McBride, CEO & Founder of Atelier Commerce. “It’s sustainable, it’s fair trade, it’s not over distributed, and it’s of exceptional quality. Their taste is incredible and they are truly passionate about providing a world-class user experience. This drive fuels my team to think creatively and always aim high.” 

searchspring atelier commerce case study


Atelier Commerce is a full-service, results-driven agency focused on providing bespoke ecommerce solutions. “We have the capabilities to perform every function that is needed within an ecommerce business,” says CEO & Founder, Michael McBride. “I founded the agency three years ago – we handle everything from marketing campaigns to the on-site experience and customer care, ensuring all of those different elements are generating a great ROI for our clients.” 

Like the majority of Atelier Commerce’s clients, Alicia Adams Alpaca’s site is entirely managed by the agency team. “Occasionally, we’ll work with retailers on a shorter term engagement, but that’s not really our main focus. We’re driven by ongoing services where we can really add value, we’re almost like an additional team within the client’s organization.” 

alicia adams Searchspring case study


Alicia Adams Alpaca first began working with Atelier Commerce to develop their direct-to-consumer business. “They had been focused on the wholesale aspect of the brand, which was like they had a tiger by the tail, but on the other hand, direct-to-consumer was growing at a slower pace than they would have liked,” says Michael.

“There was a lot of standardization that needed to happen across the business’s ecommerce  processes, data, policies, and inventory. That was what we focused on first and foremost. Then, we designed and developed a new ecommerce site for the brand, but ran into limitations with navigation and merchandising.” 

Alicia Adams Alpaca offers products in an extensive range of colors, making the ability to search and filter by specific shades particularly important. However, this proved a challenge within their native platform, as did controlling product arrangement on category pages. 

“As a boutique brand with over 100 different product colors, it’s important to provide our customers with the ability to browse by size and color nearly instantaneously. This functionality isn’t something that’s available out of the box, but it’s a must have in this day and age,” says Alicia. 

“Within the confines of any modern ecommerce platform, there’s no real drag-and-drop interface as far as merchandising is concerned,” says Michael. “To update product arrangement on the Alicia Adams Alpaca site, we had to assign position numbers to products, and we had to ensure those position numbers were consistent across the entire catalog and category. Alicia and Daniel really wanted to display products in a different order in different categories, which wasn’t possible.”

“We recommended the additional functionality offered by Searchspring, as we knew it would eliminate these limitations while also saving our team at Atelier Commerce a lot of time.”

alicia adams alpaca Searchspring success story


“The first issue that Searchspring resolved for us was the color search and filtering on the Alicia Adams Alpaca site. With a standard search function, you don’t see any color or size results – but with Searchspring, you are able to view hyper-relevant results, lightning fast. Prior to implementing Searchspring, a shopper would have to click on each product to see which colors it was available in. This is no longer the case.” 

“In addition to improving the speed and searchability, we were able to replace all the standard colors in the product filters with swatches from actual products, so it’s much more realistic and on brand. We’ve also just introduced a brand new option to shop by birthstone, which is really exciting,” says Michael. “We like that we can review Searchspring’s reports to see how shoppers interact with those filters, we see a lot of engagement with that feature.”

“Being able to adjust and control product display across different categories has also made the site much easier to manage, we’re really happy with Searchspring’s merchandising capabilities,” says Michael.  

Alicia Adams Alpaca recently added a second brand to their ecommerce store, making increased control over the shopping experience even more critical. “Since adding Scandia Home’s luxury bedding line to the site, we’ve started using filters in new ways. We now give shoppers the ability to refine products based on features like support and warmth, in addition to color and size.” 

“The Scandia shop is branded with different banners, all of which are managed through Searchspring. It’s really important for us to provide that branded experience, while also delivering hyper-relevant product results in order to fuel growth. Searchspring gives us the functionality we need to achieve that, it’s an absolute must-have for us.”

searchspring case study


“Prior to 2019, Alicia Adams Alpaca experienced a much more traditional pattern of growth. After implementing Searchspring and investing in new marketing initiatives, we’re now looking at 10x the previous levels of growth, up to 185-227% year-over-year. Searchspring is a huge part of that success, I truly don’t believe the business would be growing at this rate without this technology,” says Michael. 

“Searchspring not only enables me to provide the level of service I’m passionate about, but it also equips my team with the quality technology they need to really perform. If you just want a plugin for size and color filters, there are probably other solutions you could use. But, if you’re looking for a serious growth solution, you really should make the investment in Searchspring.”

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