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360Cashmere search conversion rates are 6x higher using Searchspring.

“Searchspring was one of those no-brainer solutions for us. With 100% reliability and a very hands-on customer service team, we recommend them to fashion brands of all sizes.”

Andrew Gifford, Chief Marketing Officer

360 cashmere Searchspring


Despite their intuitive navigation, prior to integrating Searchspring’s Relevancy Platform, 360Cashmere’s search feature left much to be desired. Their previous search solution had trouble understanding the shopper’s context and intention. Traditional ecommerce search engines simply match keywords in product meta data with the keywords used in the shopper’s query. This makes for highly irrelevant results for complex searches that are commonplace on fashion retailer sites.

In the case of 360Cashmere, even simple two-word searches were returning results that were not relevant. A search for “cashmere cardigan”, one of their most popular search terms, was returning results for any products that contained the words cashmere or cardigan across a range of fields including title, description, image description, and more.

Most of the products that were loading on the site in these instances were not relevant. Only 0.47% of searches were ultimately leading to conversions, which represented a huge missed opportunity.

On top of this, 360Cashmere is a business that is growing rapidly, which means that their technological partners are growing in importance, and thus they must choose their partners wisely.

360 cashmere ecommerce


Searchspring’s relevancy algorithms have been designed with these types of retailer needs in mind, making it the perfect fit for 360Cashmere.

The search algorithms have been designed to ensure that relevant products are delivered in these scenarios. First, the product awareness machine-learning algorithm examines existing product data to gain a deep understanding of a what a product is. This allows it to return appropriate product results rather than a simple list of products that use keywords from the shopper’s query.

Second, the IntelliSuggest® Engine leverages real user behavioral data to further refine and rank product results. Products with higher conversion rates, for example, are more likely to resonate with shoppers, and will thus rank higher than products with low conversion rates.

In the case of 360Cashmere, search results improved dramatically across a range of search types. With the addition of the IntelliSuggest behavioral understanding engine, even the typical one or two word searches improved dramatically since the highest-converting products automatically ranked higher.

Year-over-year 360Cashmere’s business has grown by about 50%. Maintaining a reliable and speedy shopping experience is crucial, especially during the high-volumes that can result from sales or holidays such as Cyber Monday.

Searchspring has invested heavily in an infrastructure that meets the needs of high-volume retailers like 360Cashmere, and has been able to maintain the speed of search results while increasing relevancy dramatically.

360cashmere ecommerce


“For modern retailers, speed and uptime are increasingly important. Speed not only affects user engagement but is also a major SEO component these days. And with many shoppers visiting from the mobile devices, speed couldn’t be more important. When it comes to uptime, the biggest money-making opportunities are directly correlated with the times when it’s most likely that servers will go down due to stress. We know how important it is that we provide service all the time, and we’ve invested a lot to ensure that we deliver this.” – Gareth Dismore, Searchspring CEO

Integrating these technologies with 360Cashmere led to:

Conversion rates that were over
Search-driven revenue increased by
Products used for this client:

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