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BTOSports: Improving Ecommerce Conversions in 30-days

Over the last six years, Searchspring has been working with BTO Sports improving ecommerce conversions. In that time, BTO has successfully managed to integrate all of our services into their cart, all of them. Most recently, before they completed their ‘Tour-de-Spring’, Vince Aramitsu and his team asked if we could optimize further for additional revenue generation.

We were happy to help.


With years of continual shopping cart optimization, they’d taken each of our services and utilized them to the fullest, expanding their inventory offerings with each successful implementation. To improve the site optimization even further Searchsprings’ account managers reviewed Searchspring reports identifying common user queries. Upon our review, we noticed customers commonly searched for a products using the year, make, and model keywords that correlate to the motocross bikes they own. Having identified an area of opportunity to improve the internal site optimation, the BTOSports team expanded their product data feed to include year/make/model attributes. With this new data in hand the Searchspring team was able to build out a product finder that we integrated onto the home page, helping users quickly drill down to the parts associated to their dirt bike or ATV.

Would another feature really make a dent in such a high performing website?


Optimizing ecommerce performance should be endless.

Turns out, optimizing an ecommerce site is a never-ending job, and it can consistently provide high-level results if done properly. As the customer needs change, products come-and-go, promotions become available, etc – it’s important to monitor the changes and manage the website accordingly. With BTOSports, their product offering of replacement and upgrade parts expanded exponentially over the years, and customers search behavior provided the clues that BTOSports needed to create a more user friendly path to these parts.  The addition of the Product Finder was immediately noticed by shoppers. Proving constant optimization is key to acknowledging shoppers interests and driving sales.

Once installed, the Product Finder began to work it’s magic. A few weeks later, the integration had lifted conversions almost 16% on top of an already optimized site.

We’ve trusted Searchspring with our ecommerce for some time now,” said Vince Arimitsu, President of BTO Sports. “They’ve consistently given us positive results and the Product Finder addition to our website didn’t disappoint. We didn’t think we were ‘wow-able’ after years of working with Searchspring, but they did it again.

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Never stop looking for more opportunity.

As much as we like credit for our products, we’re more impressed with the overall depth of ecommerce optimization and it’s endless ability to surprise us, the professionals. We’ve continually seen double, even triple digit increases in conversions for websites. But not necessarily on a website that was already so good at serving the customer.

Constantly looking for new revenue opportunities is important to provide continual revenue growth. An ecommerce website is available to consumers 24×7. Meeting the consumer where they are is pivotal to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and selling more products go hand-in-hand.

Check out our case study for more info, or give us a shout if you’d like to begin optimizing your store.