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IntelliSuggest® – Your Ecommerce Form of Customer Service

The Customer Service Benchmark – IntelliSuggest®

For brick and mortar retail stores, providing great customer service is a benchmark that differentiates the average from the great. Customer service represents the culture of an organization and provides employees the opportunity to cultivate long-term customer loyalty.

While the genetic makeup of customer service represents a combination of both art and science, the infusion of quality customer service for retail stores encompasses aspects of appearance, attentiveness, product knowledge, and attitude. For ecommerce retailers, providing shoppers those same warm and fuzzy feelings of quality customer service are a challenge without tangible touch points.

Improving Ecommerce Customer Service

So, how do online retailers provide shoppers high-level customer service? The obvious answers here include aspects of design, quality products, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. One aspect that’s often overlooked is search relevancy.

Moreover, I think we’ve all experienced the frustration of poor search at one point or another. Many shopping cart platforms, out of the box, lack search functionality that remembers previous customer interactions. Without this capability, the site search functionality reflects the same customer service you could expect to receive from an employee who’s been on the job one day. With a user behavior based search solution in place, search result pages have the ability dynamically adjust product rank and map variant search queries to the format used in the data feed. For example, customers looking for t-shirts could also query tee, tee shirt, short sleeve shirt and tshirt. Mapping these variations to the original term of t-shirts improves the overall relevancy of the results, regardless of the shoppers query.

Over time, user behavior based search technology can capture actionable analytics, correlate the shopping activity back to the individual query terms, and leverage that intelligence to drive more conversions. Essentially, your search can evolve into an employee who’s been with the company for years and better understands customer wants and needs.

Searchspring Improves Customer Service, Intelligently

Our infographic below depicts a typical brick and mortar shopping experience in contrast to e-commerce shopping. The default search solution provides a linear path to each query requested without taking into account any other information. While, the IntelliSuggest® site search takes into account all variables, current and past, around those queries to deliver personalized results with minimal customer effort.

intellisuggest searchspring infographic