August 2014

Product Update

New SearchSpring Magento module

  • Real-Time Indexing: Product updates are now sent to SearchSpring as they occur with the Magento admin console. No more waiting for indexing to run, it’s automatic and fast.
  • Our demo site has the new module:

Saluki update

  • SearchSpring users on the new Saluki platform have support for real-time indexing too. Users can integrate via our API, or use our new Magento module.
  • Saluki users now have access to real-time indexing logs in the SearchSpring Management Console. This provides transparency into our indexing process so users know what’s going on behind the scenes. We also beefed up the UI so it’s easier to use (faster, with better filtering)
saluki update for searchspring

Google Analytics

  • How to integrate SearchSpring and Google Analytics has been updated to match Google’s latest UI updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly clicking an AJAX-rendered facet will result in multiple applications of that facet

Data Cleaning Enhancements

  • SearchSpring can fix up many common data issues like invalid characters in product descriptions (things like improperly encoded Microsoft Word characters), or standardizing lengths and widths into formats better for faceting.
  • We’ve beefed up our backend UIs to make it easier for our Integration Specialists to help manage these data processing rules for our customers – improving customer setup & support.

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