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Transforming previous shopper data into SEO gold

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Search Engines Don't Index Search Result Pages

Automatically create search engine optimized landing pages based-on previous internal search history.

These hosted pages are indexed to boost organic rank, driving relevant traffic to your site.

Never Fails to Scale

Boost your SEO efforts with intelligent automation.

Shoppers who are searching on your store for something longer-tailed or unique already know about your website. What about the shopper searching for that same information in Bing, Yahoo, or Google?

Transform your internal search data into a competitive advantage.

  • Track internal search behavior
  • Create landing pages from the most popular search terms
  • SearchSpring landing pages are crawlable and indexable
  • Gain high organic visibility with unique query optimization
automated SEO
automated search engine optimization

Compliment Your SEO Strategies

Automatically increase online exposure.

SearchSpring uses real-time website performance data to generate custom landing pages for increased website visibility. These landing pages create additional funnels, driving relevant site traffic that converts.

Focused shoppers using search engines to find specific products will be taken directly to the result page, quickening the sales process and improving online customer service.

Painless Management

Our easy-to-use management console allows for instant account management and review of every aspect within SearchSpring.

Real-Time Intelligence

IntelliSuggest learns from each shopper, optimizing product display, enhancing the experience for the next shopper, and the next, and the next...

Reduced Workload

SearchSpring systematically completes the research, optimization of SEO and product display for you. Giving you time to focus on what you do best, selling products.

Be More Effective

Save time and money while increasing conversions with intelligent automation. Our system constantly optimizes product results and SEO using shopper behavior and website analytics.

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